Designer Love

Wo, its been awhile since I've done this. And I freakin' missed it! I can't even remember the last time I posted something strictly Fashion-Related. This is fun. No, wait. Let me rephrase that - THIS IS FUN!!

Whenever I'm asked to define my style, I always always always say that I'm pretty much a Chameleon. I'm quite sad that I'm somehow getting too used to grabbing whatever my eye catches when I'm headed out to, basically anywhere most of the time but I struggle with myself in terms of wanting to dress according to my mood. These days I've been layering a lot, also dusting off cobwebs from my boots because the office seems to be turning into a freezer.

I haven't gotten around much of my favorite Fashion Blogs and Webzines but what caught my eye are two designers, one of them being a brand I've always, always loved.

Let me start with Isabel Marant. I've heard about and have seen her designs but never really had the chance to check out her full collection until today.

I love how easy her pieces are but not boring. Easy, but not really minimalistic. I love how she balanced looking both edgy and bohemian at the same time. I find it really sexy, in spite of the thigh-high fringed booties, and the capes and jackets. Its like 1970s Cher meets James Dean.

My favorite look is a tie between photos two and seven. Now, I want to cry.

Christophe DeCarnin's exit from Balmain made me really sad, but I think Olivier Rousteing's debut collection is ridiculous (yes, I mean it in the awesomest way). My eyes bounced off its sockets.

I would honestly rock every single piece in this collection. I found it so hard to choose photos to be part of this entry. Season after season, Balmain never fails to surprise me, and I love that the Sexed up edginess (which is the brand's trademark) was never compromised for any of their collections. I mean, srsly. How can the seventh photo pull off looking all rock-chick in white and neutral palettes?

I can't even pick a favorite look. How can you not love Balmain? And why does it always have to break my heart like this?

Can't wait to see what other designers have in store for us. Honestly, there are so many upcoming brands, I can't even keep track of everything. Its like being in a candy store and they have everything you want, you can't even just pick one, and your eyes are everywhere!

Always remember that trends are fun to follow, but work on your style most importantly. Above everything else, it matters most.