Everyone I know is Turning Into

I have nothing against acquaintances, friends and such giving in to the trend of blogging these days. I've always believed in "Your Turf, Your Rules" and that we have every right to choose not to read them if it irks the heck out of us.

I've been here before, I'm starting to question the main reason of why I'm publishing word vomit on the intarwebs when I have a pretty Moleskine Journal waiting for me under my pillow.

Okay, pretend I didn't tell you where I hide it.

I'm not here to play Dr. Love, or to be a Fashion Guru, but it really flatters me whenever my Formspring notifies me of new questions sent to my inbox, especially when they make sense. Its also nice to know that blogging is now used as a form to advertise and feature brands and people. And who am I to say what's sensible or not. There is a little superficial person living in each of us, and that's the truth.

But to what point do we say that we're making the most out of our lives? That we're enjoying what we're blessed with? How do we know what counts and not? How do we know we're doing enough?

Everyone wants to be known for something. Sadly, some people try too hard to be liked, and for all the wrong reasons, through all these fake ways.

I'm just thinking out loud. Probably saying things I'll regret tomorrow. I may eat up my own words one day but at least this is one real emotion documented tonight.