Feeling a bit under the weather these past few days, ever since my Asthma attack started last week. I blame it on dust and what felt like 50 degrees. That, and the fact that our office is seriously starting to feel more like a freezer. Been piling up clothes and wearing boots but it can only do so much.

I miss the sun. Been coughing so much, thankfully my Dad got me an Inhaler last night. But they only help to a certain extent. I just want to go to a deserted island and lay on the sand, lay on the sand, lay on the sand.

On an entirely different (but cheerful) note, these photos made me all giddy over the weekend!

I'm loving Taylor Tomasi Hill

I want her outfit.

Love everything in this photo.

She says she's adopting me soon...

...if she doesn't.

(photos, Jak and Jil)