I find the word "Pixie" cute enough to want to try it on my head. I'm a bit torn though because I've decided on growing my hair out for real, and getting those shmexy beach waves through digital perming as soon as I land to the Philippines. And have it dyed to a deep, dark brown.

I still love my Ombre, been sporting it since last year, but my friends have seriously talked me into getting a haircut for a change, because I've been sporting the medium - long hair length long enough. The shortest I've went with was the "Bob" and I was in grade school. But I don't remember getting a Pixie cut. EVER.

I've awesome friends like Ral and Issa who have effortlessly pulled it off. At the same time, I thought, getting a Pixie would allow me to side-shave my head like Hannabeth only her hair is still long, and mine would be close to non-existent.

I'm both psyched and scared at the same time. I'm not blessed with enough curves and I fear that people would mistake me for a boy, which makes me think that I have to wear make-up and earrings all the time (and probably stuff my bra, LOLJK). I wonder if my features are feminine enough for me to be able to achieve the desired look (chos).

Look at these beautiful women. Don't they rock it? I wish I could, too! I'm torn! I'm tooooooooooooooorn!

I want Keira's hair!

All this, and I'm 70% convinced that I would push through with it by this week.

And then I see this on Tumblr.


Okay, now what. I was wondering if you could probably help me decide? What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Go lang! What's life without adventures? XD Besides, we women have fashion by our side to save us from our natural dilemmas such as hair. Go for it :) Besides, I think it'll look nice on you :D

  2. I say go for the pixie cut Ate Abbie! You can pull it off. :)

  3. Go for the pixie cut, Abbie! I agree with Hanna, you can definitely pull it off! Go for Keira's hair! :)

    Also, the good thing about hair is that it will grow. :P


  4. I think you'll look good with pixie cut! <3