Today I Feel

1.Wkshp Chevron Crop Tank
2.H&M Hat
3.Denim shorts
4.Doc Marten's Pascal Candy
5.Alexander Wang Marti Convertible Backpack
6.Dries Van Noten Bracelet Set
7.Chan Luu Mix Threaded And Leather Wrap Bracelet
8.Ettika Vintage Ribbon Tennis Bracelet
9.Sara Weinstock Opal Ring
10.Eye Love It Ring
11.Titanium Quartz Ring |
12.iPhone 4
13.BlackBerry Bold

Polyvore breaks my heart. Recently I haven't been taking much photos for some odd reason. I lost count, the number of times Andrew would drag me out of bed for a photo session at home.

What is it, Abbie? Is it because you know that you need to update your make-up kit? That you want drastic changes with your mane? Is it because you've been focusing on gaining weight? You can't wear shorts because of the bite marks in your legs? What is it?

Even when I silently interrogate myself I would say "Yes" to all of the above and then shift to "Erm, no - that's not it".

I'm confused.

But recently I have scored some awesome Vintage nightgowns at the local Flea Market (which, btw doesn't feel very 'local' to me because its an hour away), and I look forward to shooting them with Martine C. and Olivia L. as my peg. I want American Apparel-like photos! Natural make-up, Natural Lighting. Ugh, the shmexiness of it all. I cannot resist.

Still haven't decided on the Pixie. I'm torn between wanting something new and achieving the look I've been wanting to go for since...well, college.


Come September and everything will be alright, everything, will be alright, everything will be alright.

I can't believe that I burst into song in my head and even then, I sound dull.

These times call for superficial measures.