Can I get a "Heck Yes"?

There is no doubt, just how much I am in love with Paul Jatayna. In fact, I have been waiting for months and months until I can finally bag the OS Necklaces I've wanted since the day I laid eyes on them. I'm not telling you which (meh).

While I wait in agony to own these necklaces, and at the same time, feature the brilliant work that Paul and his team has come up with, I stumbled upon his recent blog entry about Fashion these days that totally echoed my own thoughts. I have nodded and shook my head with every word in approval.

Entitled "The Fashion Scene that I love to come and Hate" :

I’ve been a bit jaded with fashion and style lately. Everyone seems to be so happy and content with looking exactly like everyone else. I browse different fashion magazines, blogs, and style icons and I find it so fascinating that most of them have the same feather earrings, same stripes, same color blocking, same Navajo and Aztec prints, same leopard prints, same leather jackets, and the list goes on and on just like how long the lines are in Zara, Forever 21, Topshop, and Topman. I’m definitely not complaining because somehow I’m also guilty with it. I just don’t see the point of maintaining a fashion blog and trying so hard to bring something different on the table while the rest just look the same or is a copy of one another, without making an effort to change and coming up with something new.

Applause to those making an effort, but the rest should at least try to push boundaries and maintain an identity. I salute the fashion designers who always keep it fresh and don’t obviously peg their creations on what they see on international runways. I know some who have their mood boards filled with cutouts from Vogue. I salute the bright stylists who always think outside the box and not be content with creating the same shit when they’re expected to bring something different. I salute those fashion editors who try to update us with something new, unlike those who just consistently feed our minds with the same information they wrote in their magazines exactly a year ago, or worse, in their last issue. I salute those fashion bloggers who are trying to create a unique identity with their articles and outfit posts, and not just imitate styles of other people then claim it their own.

I know I sound like an asshole right now, and I’m not saying that I’m so different and I know it all because I honestly don’t. Innovation in fashion is extremely difficult and I know that for a fact. Although, all of us can honestly admit this, it’s easy to spot who tries and who copies.

To those who read this, especially those who have been working in fashion for a long time, you may probably think I’m a copy of something else too and I won’t negate it. I probably am. There are billions of people out there and I’m not claiming that I’m so rad and so different because I’m really not. I’m sure my style has thousands of look-alikes. I guess I’m just complaining because I know for myself that I honestly try hard to bring something new. I try hard not to copy others’s works when I design things. I’m always persevering with coming up with something different to show my sense of individuality. Then at the end of the day, I read a blog post about an overrated designer’s new collection looking like a cheap rip-off of Alexander McQueen and an overhyped fashion blogger wearing the same pieces of clothes every time yet surprisingly still gets an increasingly too much attention. What’s the point of trying?

Take note. When everyone is just happy and content with doing the same things over and over, people will stop accepting change and innovation. New things will be rejected. Thus, the purpose of fashion will eventually die.

I guess I woke up in the wrong side of the bed this morning. My morning coffee wasn’t as sweet as how I wanted it to be. I guess it’s really my problem because I constantly seek for new things. What I’m ranting about right now may probably be how the life of fashion really is and has already been established in the industry. I’m probably having a rough day and I need to vent out in my blog. Whatever it is, I’m just stating my thoughts on the whole fashion scene that I come to love and hate.
Original entry can be found here.

Much respect and love to Paul! Kudos to everyone who tries their best to stand out amongst the crowd. I love that we're all doing what we can to freely express ourselves through Fashion but sometimes I begin to question the motive behind "expressing" ourselves. I'm not one to judge, but it is a thought we should all ponder on, myself included.

There is no doubt just how much I love Fashion, but how much of Fashion Blogging do I do for myself? Most importantly, how much of dressing up do I really do for myself? Well IMO, there's no doubt here that I do most of it for me, because I still have the motivation to dress nicely even when I'm covered in an black cloth and don't even have outfit posts on the internet, but still.

I want to look back one day on my blog posts and think to myself, "Boy was I as carefree and heck, and remembering all these people raising their eyebrows..."

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  1. This is really inspiring! makes us examine ourselves on what the deal really is.

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger