Not happening anytime soon, but God willing it will. Regardless of the date, I couldn't help but confuse myself between saving up for which Designer bag to get first. I have a couple of designer bags already but nothing beats getting one with your own money, especially with the bag being BRAND NEW!

So, if you were me, which one would you get?

Balenciaga; Giant City

Louis Vuitton; Artsy

Hermès ; Birkin

CHOSSA! Ha! If I get a Birkin it would probably be vintage. I'm not closing my doors. Anything is possible! But even when I have enough moolah to get 'em Birkins, I'd still go for a slighty used, hand-me-down.

Anyway, I always thought of the City as my dream bag. My superficial self would've done ANYTHING to get my hands on one of those babies but for some reason, I'm suddenly leaning towards "Classy" these days. Maybe 'cos I'm old?

I never usually like LV bags because I see them almost everywhere. I have nothing against them, really. But they just never tickled my fancy - until I saw the Arsty IRL a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely my style. Satchels have always been my thing, but this Hobo bag? Hubba Hubba!

What do you think?


  1. I'd say balanciaga
    I have them ey are the best actually am thinking to get another one next month

  2. i go for balenciaga! :)
    im saving for one din. haha.
    bagay kahit saan iihh. :)

  3. birkin is like a must have for all bag lovers. whether its brand new or hand me down. but then again, i'd say, your personality + style suits balenciaga! its like the IT bag... just like you IT girl. :)

  4. The Balenciaga bag screams ABBIE! SO edgy!