Funny Guys

I know this isn't really necessary but I'll tell you why these two guys are probably tying at topping my list. Its cos they have this shmexy sense of humor. They're not afraid of making a fool out of themselves, and its not to look stupid. Not at all.

James Franco

Jason Momoa

And I won't forget to mention, Conan O' Brien himself. I remember watching his show for the first time back in college and man did he rock my world.

Its cool when you have a really hot guy, and he's all smart and stuff, but with the addition of having a really good sense of humor? Dude, you got my vote. Looks fade, and constant seriousness could be boring but guys who make you laugh? That's timeless. And what I love is they don't even have to try. There's just this certain charm about being naturally funny that is such a huge turn on. I'm not saying that being smart won't take you places though, but you know what I mean.

I remember Emma Stone's character in Crazy, Stupid Love saying how she would totally date Conan. I definitely relate to that.

Just thought I'd share this at 3:00 A.M.

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  1. omg im inlove with jason mamoa! bakit ngaun lng sha sumikat! He's so funny and sekzeeeh. hihi. and and and i love his laugh and his eyebrows! bongga. *swoons*