New Things Ahead(er)

Don't get me wrong, but I loved my header as it is. If you remember this entry, I was psyched about my header illustration, done by the lovely Valerie Chua :

I'm not saying that I wasn't happy with this (I mean, my goodness, who wouldn't be happy with this piece of brilliantly done artwork?) Valerie definitely got the "Kid" part down - sweet and adventurous.

Enter Afianne Cope of - who is responsible for the "Gnarly" side of my blog header. I asked her to put a collage of these images which she has done beautifully. I love how both Valerie's and Afianne's artworks ended up complimenting each other!

I don't even have to explain why there's a T-Rex. There's the Ravenclaw badge, the Philippine flag, a Turquoise stone (which I have been obsessed with since its comeback in 2002), Kate Moss (I need not to explain, my goodness), a Navajo print, a Lightning Bolt, Space (because Space is awesome and your argument is invalid), Marie Antoinette, a Cupcake, and last but not the least and probably my most favorite part of the collage : my favorite photo of Mama.

I am very pleased by this. Thanks too to Val because she didn't mind us putting together this awesome piece of art that will serve as my header forever and ever and ever.

Cheers to never changing headers ever again! Its definitely WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT.

Just like Val, Afianne shares her awesome skillz too. So, if you wanna see more of Afianne's epic work, do visit her site and contact her if you wish your blog to be contaminated with her awesomeness. I made the right choice, didn't I?

Everytime I visit Afianne's page, I couldn't help but feel both fuzzy and shmexy. It gives me goosebumps, but in the awesomest possible way. What can I say - girl's got it goin'.


  1. I really love your new header.. is so you, all of you! :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. I love how your mum is on your header :) Its awesome! Love your blog 'te Abbie!