Yup, this is what's up. A photodump of the random, but nonetheless awesome things I've been doing these days.

Met up with the lovely Guinomla girls and some awesome IPSJian boys last week, after n years! It was so surreal to see them all grown up. We all feel so old, being the only '02 batch in the group.

It was short but sweet. Can't wait to see them again.

My friend Arianne was kind enough to buy this jacket
for me from Penshoppe!

I saw it on my Blogger Friends' photos and drooled.

This explains why I've been sporting a tan these days.

God answered our prayers! 4 days off work and a time to tan! HECKSSSS!

Who told you Balikbayan Boxes don't make good room decorations?

Finally got my babies from Ichibankao!
(more on this on an upcoming post)

My baby Blanco, who I fondly call Blanci (pronounced Blanky)
He was a birthday gift to me from my Tita Becs and Ate Retch!

So how has your month been? Andrew and I finally picked up the photography stuff hidden in the dark corners of our room (have you seen our room? Then don't ask me why I used the words "Dark Corners") and dusted them off, made use of the time we had to take photos, and did just that for two consecutive days. Will be posting photos on separate entries.

And you? What's up, Ketchup?