Sue Me

I'm getting serious goosebumps whenever I listen to this song or watch the video. Blame it on the 16 year old in me coming to life (more than it ever has) these days.



Hya 5leek

So far, this is what I've been busy with : Papa God, Family, Work, Friends and JDC.

That's a photo of me and L - I'd post a lot of our other photos with the rest of the crew but I'll be toast later. They were sort of mocking my blazer for having pointy shoulders.

Anyway, we've an upcoming event this week which is why I've put everything on hold. Can't even remember the last time I published an entry. Anyway, I'm featuring my first ever Jeddah based Fashion blogger by next week (hopefully) and it's really exciting!

You know what? You may never understand me when I say this, but this country is really a blessing to me in so many ways. I dread the day I'd have to leave for good. Sometimes it feels like I never want to leave.



My friend Tiger sent me this video via BBM today and I'm telling you, I showed it to everyone at work and they all cried (well, that includes me).

I was just talking about missing my younger days with a close friend the other day, and how everything used to be so simple. The beauty of life can definitely be seen in a child, which is why they are God's greatest gifts to us. Chocolates, Candies, a trip to that's all it takes for them to be this happy. When you're an adult everything could be so complicated. You'd want simple things too, but somehow, achieving them could be pretty hard.

For the most part, I miss how my Mom would baby me too. It felt like anything she gave me was a big deal, and of course it was. What usually gets me is how my Mom, and almost every other Mom in the world would go through so much to give what they can for their children. Sometimes, it isn't even the gift - its how they give the gift. Its what the gift symbolizes.

Its not Mother's Day, but everyday should definitely be Mother's Day. They sure as heck deserve it. This goes to all the Mommas in the world. You may not be able to take your child to Disneyland, but for all the sacrifices you've done and will be willing to do, any child would be as happy as Lily no matter what's in that bag.

God Bless all the all y'all Mommas in the world!

I love you Mama, miss you so much.


You Will Be Missed, Mr. Jobs

(photos courtesy of Apple)

Upon hearing the news of Steve Jobs' passing, I couldn't help but feel as if I lost a real friend IRL. Being an Apple fan myself (although not owning as much Apple products as I hope to), I feel like he was a part of my life, personally. He brought so much for us, to us, and I guess even if you weren't an Apple fan, you were somehow inspired by his creativity, his ingenuity, brilliance, and motivation to change what we know (of the world) through his products.

He has left such a legend behind, and I hoped for more years for him to remain as Apple's CEO, but on the other hand, I am glad that he left us with all this.

I remember the first time I held my MacBook Pro, I passed it on then to my Mom, and I smiled watching her run her hands through the cover. It has been a dream of mine since, well I don't even remember when - to own one of those. After it was stolen months ago, it broke my heart so much, because it was bought by my Brother, and the first person to have ever held it was my Mom. To me, that laptop was special. Its because it was an Apple product. Because it holds so much sentimental value.

I may sound materialistic, but I guess you can't really understand where I'm coming from.

Upon watching this truly inspiring video of Steve Jobs's commencement speech in Stanford University in 2005, I saw a comment that read "Apple didn't lose its soul. It just gained its spirit."

That could have not been said better.

I couldn't help but feel a lot more inspired after seeing this clip.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. You will deeply be missed. I'm sure right about now you already know my awesome plan and what God will be blessing me with this year.

We love you.


Jak En Poy : An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions

My friend Raleene Cabrera (of sent me an invite to their ongoing exhibit at the SM North Edsa :

"On its 44th year, the Philippine School of Interior Design Advanced Class 2011 marks another milestone as they mount Jak ‘en Poy: An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions from October 1 to October 31, 2011 at the SM North EDSA.

The Philippine School of Interior Design has always been known to produce groundbreaking exhibits that become the benchmark of interior design exhibits in the academic community. For this year, the graduating students of PSID delves into the sustainable world of interior materials as they interpret and translate ten materials that define sustainability. The challenge is to be able to apply these materials into twenty interior design booths that evoke different moods and styles without sacrificing on establishing focus on rooms that revolve around the concept of designing for a better world. Research into the properties, use and application and installation of each material and analysis of its sustainable principles are deemed vital into the execution of designs.

Jak ‘en Poy centers on twenty different spaces designed in creatively planned solutions. Stone, steel, concrete, paper, glass, wood, bamboo, rubber, plastic and clay will be given a totally new meaning as it goes beyond the usual applications and break barriers to focus on totally different take on interiors. Jak ‘en Poy celebrates integral concepts in design and strengthens the bond between the academe and the interior design industry as it unfolds a new interpretation of sustainable materials, this time making it analogous to unique, ground-breaking and stylized interior designs.

The character of ten materials will be taken into consideration and will serve as a springboard to design interiors befitting the variety of styles showcased in the exhibit. The exhibit takes the audience on a trek through childhood games as corridors and hallways are named; being inspired by the concept that our present prepares the future generation through sustainable interiors. The audience is ushered through the first three corridors; BATO, takes a cue from the material stone, GUNTING takes on steel and PAPEL delves into paper. The audience is then guided through different sections of the exhibit namely HOLEN (glass), GOMA (rubber), CHATO (wood and bamboo), PATINTERO (concrete), PLASTIC BALLOON (plastic) and even PALAYOK-PALAYUKAN (for clay and mud). The analogies are based on the premise that the exhibit’s beneficiaries are the future generation- children as seen through their games.

Jak ‘en Poy carefully planned, extensively researched and masterfully executed creates another ripple that eventually will become a wave in the academic community and in the interior design industry, something that PSID exhibits have always been known for and will continue to be for years to come."

Visit Raleene and her rad team's booth (Booth number 5), Sundays to Tuesdays! I've seen how it looked and based on the photos, there is no doubt I'm hiring her for her epic skillz once I can finally decorate our unit!


How Many Lives Are Living Strange

I don't think anyone in the world wouldn't want to close their eyes and relive the memories that comes with hearing this song on the radio. I've heard it before this week, but it gave me a good kick off to begin Robot Week.