My friend Tiger sent me this video via BBM today and I'm telling you, I showed it to everyone at work and they all cried (well, that includes me).

I was just talking about missing my younger days with a close friend the other day, and how everything used to be so simple. The beauty of life can definitely be seen in a child, which is why they are God's greatest gifts to us. Chocolates, Candies, a trip to that's all it takes for them to be this happy. When you're an adult everything could be so complicated. You'd want simple things too, but somehow, achieving them could be pretty hard.

For the most part, I miss how my Mom would baby me too. It felt like anything she gave me was a big deal, and of course it was. What usually gets me is how my Mom, and almost every other Mom in the world would go through so much to give what they can for their children. Sometimes, it isn't even the gift - its how they give the gift. Its what the gift symbolizes.

Its not Mother's Day, but everyday should definitely be Mother's Day. They sure as heck deserve it. This goes to all the Mommas in the world. You may not be able to take your child to Disneyland, but for all the sacrifices you've done and will be willing to do, any child would be as happy as Lily no matter what's in that bag.

God Bless all the all y'all Mommas in the world!

I love you Mama, miss you so much.


  1. Awww... that's so sweet! :)

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  2. This video is so sooo adorable and sweet.. Thanks for sharing these :)

  3. oh my god this is so cutee.....