You Will Be Missed, Mr. Jobs

(photos courtesy of Apple)

Upon hearing the news of Steve Jobs' passing, I couldn't help but feel as if I lost a real friend IRL. Being an Apple fan myself (although not owning as much Apple products as I hope to), I feel like he was a part of my life, personally. He brought so much for us, to us, and I guess even if you weren't an Apple fan, you were somehow inspired by his creativity, his ingenuity, brilliance, and motivation to change what we know (of the world) through his products.

He has left such a legend behind, and I hoped for more years for him to remain as Apple's CEO, but on the other hand, I am glad that he left us with all this.

I remember the first time I held my MacBook Pro, I passed it on then to my Mom, and I smiled watching her run her hands through the cover. It has been a dream of mine since, well I don't even remember when - to own one of those. After it was stolen months ago, it broke my heart so much, because it was bought by my Brother, and the first person to have ever held it was my Mom. To me, that laptop was special. Its because it was an Apple product. Because it holds so much sentimental value.

I may sound materialistic, but I guess you can't really understand where I'm coming from.

Upon watching this truly inspiring video of Steve Jobs's commencement speech in Stanford University in 2005, I saw a comment that read "Apple didn't lose its soul. It just gained its spirit."

That could have not been said better.

I couldn't help but feel a lot more inspired after seeing this clip.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. You will deeply be missed. I'm sure right about now you already know my awesome plan and what God will be blessing me with this year.

We love you.