I Believe "Shaved" Is The Expression

It was this photo of my girlylove, HannaBeth that sort of drove me to try this look. Believe it or not, this photo was posted over a year ago. And that's how long I've been hesitating to give it a go.

When I thought of doing the pixie, I knew I'd like it but definitely regret it later because, well, because its what always happens anyway. I come up with this awesome idea of pulling something off and then it happens and I freak out and hide in my room for months. Dreams of doing grand things in my life will be replaced by dreams of the day I'd finally get to do that commercial hair flip again and feel awesome.

But the side-shave. Hmm.

The idea left my head, but fast-forward to July of this year when one of my ultimate girl crushes, Jessica (of JessLovesFred.Com, thanks to Hotney who introduced me to her blog) posted this photo and I freaked out.

I frakkin' love this girl.

And there I go again, yapping. "I'm definitely doing this later! When I get home! I'm doing it! Yeah!" But then I wuss out like always. Tss. Wuss.

This is my Wifey, Helga (of blog.ditz-revolution.net) who was definitely one of the reasons why I pulled through with the idea of trying this look. Smokin' hot, yes she is. Back off, dudes.

And another photo of HannaBeth.
I can't wait for my hair to look like this! Fudger!

So yesterday, out of so much frustration from, well, a lot of things - I went over these photos again and told myself that I'm finally doing it. FOR REAL.

I almost chickened out because I wasn't really sure how I was going to deal with it after. Bleaching my own hair is something. But shaving? Boy, that's another thing. But...I was like "The Fudging Foccacia I'm doing this!!!"

Don't worry, I didn't lose weight. Its just the angle, and well, hair can do wonders in terms of face shape. Lololol.
This one's taken right after I had it shaved (Andrew did it).

And these two photos are taken right after I took a shower.

Of course at work, I wear my hair down. I do not have any intention whatsoever of showing off what now seems to be my 'bad-ass' head. My Dad doesn't even know it yet but I'd like to think that I won't make such a big deal out of it. Besides, it'll grow out anyway. And I do not intend to keep this forever.

I'm twenty-hmm-hmm I'm just grabbing whatever chance I can get to scratch things off my bucket list. This isn't what's topping my list (cos its hard to guess. Okay, its Skydiving. Almost everyone's number 1), but it feels good because I may not have done what I originally thought of (getting a Pixie...actually going bald), but its one fear I was able to conquer.


  1. ohlalala! I admite i'm not that brave to shave my head but you rock, abbie!!:)

  2. wow! Y U LOOK SO HOT?! Love it, Abbie! ;)

  3. So badass! I've been planning and hesitating to do this as well...but, you give me courage!


  4. ate abbie, i super love it! you're so brave. <3 <3 so fierce! <3

  5. oh gosh, I was thinking about this last night.. I said that after my graduation, I'm totally doing this. but you know, second thoughtssss... thinking of what I'll look like after doing this. haha!

  6. it looks good on you. :) Takes a lot of attitutde to pull that off. Kudos to you!