Nothing Here, Move Along

Feeling sort of lost so I resort to this. I'd call it vanity but its a sin...which is probably so hard not to commit when you're a girl. Not that its a valid reason.

So I've been writing a lot again on my journal. My brain is sort of on Robot Mode, disposing all the creative juice I have left. Meh. I have a pending give-away, and a feature! OMGOODNESS.

Last night I had a blast with Nofa and the boys at a party where I ended up standing for about 30 minutes feeling like a loser. Haha! WHY YU NO COOPERATE, COURAGE??? GAH. I feel like I'm hung-over from so much fun I had just standing there, people watching. MAN DID I WANNA SHOW OFF MY AWESOME DANCE MOVES!



  1. Love love all the photos! :)


  2. Abbie is so beautiful <3

  3. Love these photos! What did you use for the first 4 photos? If you don't mind. :)

  4. I love how you can manage to experiment on different looks. I soooo love your look here <3