Blessed with Talent

I'm loving the thumbnail of this video. Ha!

Our friend Reyouk shot this awesome video (this is just a trailer though, full video coming up soon) showcasing the boys' talents in Jeddah. I've been with them several times at the park and its fun watching them do their "thang" - dance, basketball, freestyle football... it just sort of became the official hang-out. Random people meeting and creating new friendships between each other.

I am definitely blessed to have met most of these boys, and establish a really close bond between them. I know what you're thinking - you've seen better, which is probably true. But these guys are in the middle of making something. A legend, you may say.

The ones I know have just started dancing several years back. Its fun seeing them behind all this. I guess its where you can understand the very core of each one, not just as a dancer, but as a person. Whenever I see them dance and pull off these moves, that's just a bonus. Its hanging out with them that really gets me. They're kind, humble, funny, crazy...they make me happy. They make me laugh. A LOT. Even if they talk in arabic most of the time and someone just HAS to translate for me.

I thank God because He's blessed these boys with incredible talent. I thank God because He blessed me to know them.

They're definitely going places. Don't say I didn't warn you.



This video of Queenie Padilla has been up on the intarwebs for awhile now. Since I saw it, I couldn't help but feel...blessed.

Yes I know, I'm a Christian, and even if I don't know everything about Islam, believe me when I say that I know how she feels, which is why I cried with her while watching this clip.

I may be practicing my faith differently, but in spite of this I felt overjoyed...really happy for her because she has finally found, and experienced God's love firsthand. Its an out-of-your-body experience that you just cannot put into words.

For me, it doesn't matter what "religion" you were called to. What matters is the personal relationship we have with our God. If this is what will bring Queenie closer to Him, I'm all for that. Because as my Dad always says, "No Religion teaches wrong". Its all for the betterment of people. Its the wrong practice of 'doctrines' that can cause a person's downfall, spiritually speaking.

In all fairness to my Muslim friends, never have they once disrespected me for my faith. And it's one of the reasons why I never looked down on them or anyone else for their choice of belief.

And honestly, I just instantly felt God's love for each and every person while watching this. I hope we all find our salvation - the only one thing that can save us from all this chaos (that is the world). The only thing that can ever bring us thisclose to our Maker.

Much love to all of you. God bless!