Blessed with Talent

I'm loving the thumbnail of this video. Ha!

Our friend Reyouk shot this awesome video (this is just a trailer though, full video coming up soon) showcasing the boys' talents in Jeddah. I've been with them several times at the park and its fun watching them do their "thang" - dance, basketball, freestyle football... it just sort of became the official hang-out. Random people meeting and creating new friendships between each other.

I am definitely blessed to have met most of these boys, and establish a really close bond between them. I know what you're thinking - you've seen better, which is probably true. But these guys are in the middle of making something. A legend, you may say.

The ones I know have just started dancing several years back. Its fun seeing them behind all this. I guess its where you can understand the very core of each one, not just as a dancer, but as a person. Whenever I see them dance and pull off these moves, that's just a bonus. Its hanging out with them that really gets me. They're kind, humble, funny, crazy...they make me happy. They make me laugh. A LOT. Even if they talk in arabic most of the time and someone just HAS to translate for me.

I thank God because He's blessed these boys with incredible talent. I thank God because He blessed me to know them.

They're definitely going places. Don't say I didn't warn you.