All I Know Is This

One day, I'm gonna look back at these days and smile. And cry. And smile. I will want them back so much, and I'm possibly going to live having this, carrying this around... The only regret was that wishing I knew all this from the beginning.

Oh my gosh, I've never felt this much emotion, rushing and gushing through my veins... and my, my heart. I have a love-hate relationship with this feeling. My heart's pounding and my tummy's churning, its all that bittersweet, achy-breaky, mind-boggling, nerve wrecking feeling you get and can't let go of.

There's just SO MUCH and I can't process it.

On the other hand, I was on a different level of high last night, because I started to clean the house! My room first, of course. Putting aside most of my stuff. I look forward to having a clutter-free house.

Also, I'm painting the receiving area! LIGHT BLUE! As soon as I get my salary, we're gon' go on a serious grocery shopping and I'm heading to Ikea as well to get me some stuff for the flat. I feel like my Mom will be very pleased. I think she was, watching me throw things out. LOL.

I can't wait to show you photos, too! I posted the progress of the time I redecorated my room in my Multiply account back in 2008 but I don't think its a very good idea to do that now, considering that my house is worse than it was.

Regarding my give-away (with ANAGON, of course) I'm so sorry that one's put on hold like the rest of the other sensible things like the Fashion Feature on an awesome Saudi Fashion Blogger... I'm de-cluttering my house, this helps cleaning up my head too, cos you know, I find cleaning very therapeutic. It gives me a sense of control somehow, and I think better.

Also, it drives me nuts in the best way possible. I JUST LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING A LIVABLE HOME! Ha!

And finally having friends over again, because its been EONS since that last happened.

Goodness. God help me. Srsly, I need divine intervention. I'm so excited! I'm gonna print out photos that I'ma be sticking on my walls.

Life is so beautiful. It could hurt a lot, too. But like thorns on a rose, I never really liked taking them out. They're part of the stem. You can't always watch out for the things that may hurt. Sometimes, seeing them there makes life more enjoyable. More interesting.

And again, more painful. But that's just the beauty of it, right?

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