And Then There Are Days Like This.

When darkness tries to own you. In a span of these 4 "new" days, I have begun to question how 2012 is going to be. It had an amazing kick-off, but I hope this is just a rock on the road, and not something that'll lead downhill.

At this point, I feel more lost, more confused than ever. Its something I've been writing about in my journal over and over, but I feel the need to get it out there.

My life is sucking the life out of me, if that even makes sense. I'm questioning my beliefs (not Spiritual, to clear the air, its the only thing I am so sure of right now), but I guess, as cheesy as this is - my belief, or faith in humanity. I begin to question the things I fought for in the past. The things I tried so hard to keep. Now...I don't see the worth in all that.

What's the use when you're unappreciated.

And wo, what have I stepped into? Something I won't regret, yes. But how will I be able to move on after this?

I knew I was shutting myself out of reality that was too hard for me to face by living in a bubble for the past months now. Being a true blue masochist, separating reality from Neverneverland hasn't been a part of my daily routine. I'm a dreamer, I've been dreaming my life away for as long as I remember. But its not healthy.

I'll sleep this off.