Down The Rabbit Hole She Goes

The thing about Wonderland is that you get all excited about being in it at first and then it just gets weirder by the hour.

There you are, wanting a sense of adventure. You want magic. Fireworks. You want to be thrilled about something in your life once again, because reality has left you empty, holed. You're in a dark alley bleeding to death, robbed off of everything you have.

And then you find a rabbit jump out of nowhere, a cute little rabbit, White, Fluffy, Pink Nose and Ears, Paws...(enter your preference of what makes a rabbit cute) something you end up getting all smitten by.

You fall into the rabbit hole. And the same thing happens over and over, and over - only a different experience every single time you're there. You forget what its like, and you end up wanting more.

All of a sudden you turn into an entirely different person. You look at the mirror and you no longer know who you see. All of the things you said you'd never find yourself doing, you suddenly enjoy. And then you take a step back and wonder how the heck you got there. Why you got there. And you rephrase your last question to, "Do I even want to get out of here?".

We all get trapped into our own Wonderlands almost all the time. Its become an escape for us. Sometimes we safely get back to the lives we really should be living, sometimes we don't. Sometimes, we dream our lives away wishing we could be in Wonderland forever. Sort of like Inception. Your very own Parallel Universe. Your very own dreams, coming to life - or so you thought.

And there's magic everyday, and fireworks, and so much excitement, like riding a roller coaster for the very first time, and you've gotten so addicted to it that if you had died feeling all these things, then you know you'd die happy.

Wonderland makes you realize that you've been missing out so much in your life, and it makes you regret all the decisions you made that now hinders you from staying in Wonderland forever, or better yet - bringing it to your reality, and making it yours.

I'm tired of almost always having to refer to Alice in Wonderland in situations like this. I remember having done it since college days, back in '03. Only that had two rabbits. An entirely different story.

All I know is that most people don't get out of Wonderland sane. They leave broken hearted, maybe feeling even more emptier than the time they were in the real world. Probably because Wonderland was too wonderful to let go of. Its kind of like having tasted perfection, and then finding out that it can never be really yours.

And then you start to wonder...What have you been doing your whole life. Why didn't you end up finding something right that could've lead you to the real Wonderland, not the one existing in your head.

But I'm happy here. I won't regret staying.
Not a single bit.