Happy Girl, Happy New Year

Starting the year with a short video blog of a super hyper me for 2012! Shot this last night though (the 31st). I was really, really, happy!

Drew and I had to walk to iWeaver in Madinah Street to get my baby. Do you remember one of the saddest days of my life? I don't want to think about it, but if you didn't know, read ahead.

I won't tire of saying this but I'm really, really blessed that my brother (who bought me my first laptop and paid for it with his own money), told me that I didn't need to pay him back, and just save instead so I can get myself a new one. I felt really bad because my Mom was the first person to have held my MBP, and knowing that my Brother exerted so much effort to get it for me, and bring it home to the Philippines all the way from the States, the laptop's price tag came secondary to me. It was all these sentimental values that was attached to it.

But it didn't take too long before God told me why it had happened. And I accept it. I've learned from my mistakes, and slowly learning to let go. Believe it or not, it still hurts sometimes.

Anyway, since we're starting off with video blogs, I'm adding this silly video of me and my Sister from another Mister, Nof - using what seems to be our favorite effect in Photobooth at the moment.



  1. I'm glad you got yer baby back. Happy New Year, Abbie!

  2. Happy New Year! Have a blessed year ahead!


  3. haha! ate abbie! 01:02 - sooo cute! "KBYE!" haha!