I'm Tired Of Wishlists

(*late post, obviously)


My Superficial Self made me promise that in 2012 I will be bringing these goodies home (And no, no. This isn't a wishlist. Its more of what I'd like to call, "I'm making this shizz happen, God help me") :

A Balenciaga Giant City/Work Bag

A Gold Watch from Michael Kors
(Andrew already promised he'd get me this.
I want the watch in the middle!)

Chanel Black Satin

Ray-Ban Aviators

Chloe Perfume
(I've already had two bottles of this.
I want to make it my signature scent!)

Doc Martens Boots
I had them when I was in Grade School.

Hello Kitty Instax

Necono Digital Camera

Diana F+ Instant Camera

And no, you need not to dare me. I'm already putting myself under so much pressure. My priority right now are the instant cameras. Because there are so many beautiful things I'd like to capture in hard copy.

I'm old school like that.

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  1. Chloe's my signature scent :) Happy to share the same scent w you <3