Our Meadow

This all started back in college. Being away from my parents and most of my friends, there were times when short visits to the chapel to have a one-on-one conversation with God wasn't enough. I ended up imagining that I would meet with God in this meadow.

I would picture out me and God, our backs faced against my view, mostly in silhouette figures, trees and grass surround us at the top of a hill, and we overlook all the pretty, wild flowers and its a sunny, sunny, sunny day. There were times when I would joyfully talk to Him and tell him how my day went even if He already knows. I knew that He preferred it when I told Him myself. And of course, there times when I would sort of drown him in saltwater while I hugged him tight, and He would just sit there in silence, allowing His heart to just communicate with me with the words that I needed to hear.

During our practice for the Praise and Worship Night, I felt God telling me that He's been waiting for me in our meadow for months now. I couldn't hide the fact that I had forgotten about it, or have shoved the idea of visiting Him there aside. Remembering our special place made me miss Him even more. I've been distant from Him in the past couple of weeks because, well... He knows why.

But the thought of our Meadow somehow managed to light up the darkness that seems to be building around me these days. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. And it simply gave me hope that one day, things will fall into its proper place.

I knew God wanted to let me know that regardless of the things happening in my life, that I will always be welcome to see Him in the meadow. Who am I to make God wait? I'm nothing, but His love for me is what gives me the right and the courage to face Him amidst all this.

I love you, Papa God. I can't wait to see You again, and feel the pure love that You have for each one of Your children filling up all the empty spaces and holes and healing each of my wounds again.