What's Up, Ketchup

The lack of 'life' in my site saddens me. I have nothing to give you guys but this Photobooth Dump-of-a-post (and yes, sadly its all of my face. I feel bad for you guys. But I have to do this), LOL.

Its really sad that I only get to see Ombres fully featured in Local Fashion Magazines this year. I've sported this for over a year. I kinda miss it though but it feels good to see my hair happier and healthier after my haircut!

One of the happiest. For real.

SO MESSY, huuuuu.

I saw this Mustard colored nail varnish in H&M. I barely had any munny that day so I went home, and custom-made the color. TADA!

Right after I got my haircut.

So that's about it for now. Short and sweet. I'm so happy I had brekky today! Chocolate Croissants, Coffee and Milk! Yay, happy bell-belly!

You can tell I've missed Photobooth so much, eh?


  1. Ah! I do that too! I've got hundreds of them (really) and it's really nice how I transformed since 3rd year high school (the time I had an own laptop and started using the low-res webcam) :D

    Almira :)

  2. So pretty Abbie! love your hair now :)


  3. I'll never get tired of your face. Mkay, I just sound like a stalker but seriously!!! I love seeing your pictures around. And your eyebrows! Tonight, I'll try to make mine more defined and arched. Wish me luck!