Epiphany Episode No. 1

Sometimes, things are meant to be broken.

And sometimes, they're meant to stay broken. Doesn't change the fact that they were once there.

BUT If they're worth it, you can piece them back together - with the perfect balance of patience, motivation, love and faith. Although it will never be as it was, but it will be better (sort of).

You will look it, and be pleased.
It may look fragile, but it will be stronger (figuratively).
Every crack unfilled will remind you of parts that will no longer be there.

Parts that used to be there.

But that's the beauty of it.
At least you'll have something to think about.
Its a stronger proof that it was once there.

The things we no longer see, make the memory of once having them stronger.

Allowing them to live forever.

Although it will be a bit painful seeing those cracks, wishing you had done better from preventing them from happening, you'll know it happened for a reason.

Think about it.
Would you rather have this, broken and all?
Or not have it at all?

Would it be more painful to not have known that something like this exists? Skip the heartbreak of seeing something so beautiful shatter? Or live with the fact that you had the joys of seeing its existence right before your very eyes? Breathing it in? Touching it with your own hands?

You find yourself walking down the street with a smug look on your face knowing that no one can take this away from you. People say its a crack. People say you will carry it forever.

You bet I will.