I Get Goosebumps

I'd love to share one of the first Arabic songs that got to me : Mn Youm Fora2ak by Ramy Gamal. I heard the tune, I heard the lyrics - and even if it took awhile before I understood what it meant (okay, I googled the translation, you got me), there's something about songs in arabic that shivers me timbers.

I guess you could say its the emotion that the local singers have, or how deep their songs are.

I'm posting this of Ramy Gamal's (which is now one of my favorites along the new men in my life like Tamer Hosny, Tamer Ashour and Maher Zain), with its rough English translation in the video (quite barok, but you'd get the whole point of the song anyway).

Hope you love it as much as I do. Been raping the repeat button on both my laptop and BB with this song.


What's In My Bag (Ver 2012.1)

Oh you srsly must congratulate me for pulling all this off in one day. Yes, you heard me! Shot,edited and uploaded! My bad though because I forgot to increase the video's audio, hee! Hope this doesn't bore you. If it does then what's new. That's how I do video blogs anyway. LOL.


I Really, Really, Really Love My Boys

What most people can't seem to fathom is how awesome my boys are off-stage. I've always said that their talent is just an awesome bonus to the amazing people they are. People see them as this crew that will surely go places. And I know this to be true - BUT this video just shows that they're a bunch of guys who can turn your world upside down in the best possible way.

These videos date back to June of last year. And I just feel so blessed because I was given the opportunity to be one of their closest friends. Honestly, I cannot put into words the kind of bond that we have (and sara7a, al 7mdullah for that).

I'm so happy that they ended up loving it too. All of the videos in this MV are taken by me, except for the first one, and that scene of me "twirling", lol.

I love them so much. And that's one of the biggest understatements I will ever say in my life.

One unit, One love!


Meet Dinie the Dino

LOL. There's more where that came from. I feel sorry for you though. Ha!


Tablet Tablet Tablet



Surreal...But Nice?

Remember that infamous line from Notting Hill? I feel the same way. Well, sort of. I tweeted a few days ago how "Surreal" can be categorized into two in my book : GOOD, and then there's the perfect, confusing concoction of SUCKY AND GOOD.

I don't know if this falls under the Stockholm Syndrome (I hope not) but whenever I watch movies these days, I'm sort of trying my best to understand the Antagonist. Oh good grief what is going on with me.

Maybe because I'm turning into someone I hate? Isn't it funny how at one point in our lives, we all turn out to be just like the person we hated in high school or something? Like a phase. Oh dear. Do you think this is just a phase? I don't think mine is. This is gonna be a part of me.

Then again, I do not regret it a single bit.

Somehow I feel for the Antagonist in them movies. Deep down, I'm like "Don't worry, I feel you, most hated, misunderstood person!" And then a part of me wishes people would "get" them too. I mean, I used to be on the other side of that line along with everybody else but when I was in the Antagonist's shoes I figured it sucked to be misunderstood. You think you know how awful it is, judging them because you're little Miss goody two shoes or Mister Nice guy.

I regret pointing fingers. Wish I could take them all back, because it turns out, past Abbie is actually pointing at present Abbie at the moment. Wo. Intense.

I don't know, people. I don't know. My thoughts are taking over me. For real, today - I felt so much blood rushing to my head, I ended up feeling so heavy and then there's this massive feeling of pain, like my brain couldn't process all this anymore.