I Get Goosebumps

I'd love to share one of the first Arabic songs that got to me : Mn Youm Fora2ak by Ramy Gamal. I heard the tune, I heard the lyrics - and even if it took awhile before I understood what it meant (okay, I googled the translation, you got me), there's something about songs in arabic that shivers me timbers.

I guess you could say its the emotion that the local singers have, or how deep their songs are.

I'm posting this of Ramy Gamal's (which is now one of my favorites along the new men in my life like Tamer Hosny, Tamer Ashour and Maher Zain), with its rough English translation in the video (quite barok, but you'd get the whole point of the song anyway).

Hope you love it as much as I do. Been raping the repeat button on both my laptop and BB with this song.