I Really, Really, Really Love My Boys

What most people can't seem to fathom is how awesome my boys are off-stage. I've always said that their talent is just an awesome bonus to the amazing people they are. People see them as this crew that will surely go places. And I know this to be true - BUT this video just shows that they're a bunch of guys who can turn your world upside down in the best possible way.

These videos date back to June of last year. And I just feel so blessed because I was given the opportunity to be one of their closest friends. Honestly, I cannot put into words the kind of bond that we have (and sara7a, al 7mdullah for that).

I'm so happy that they ended up loving it too. All of the videos in this MV are taken by me, except for the first one, and that scene of me "twirling", lol.

I love them so much. And that's one of the biggest understatements I will ever say in my life.

One unit, One love!