Surreal...But Nice?

Remember that infamous line from Notting Hill? I feel the same way. Well, sort of. I tweeted a few days ago how "Surreal" can be categorized into two in my book : GOOD, and then there's the perfect, confusing concoction of SUCKY AND GOOD.

I don't know if this falls under the Stockholm Syndrome (I hope not) but whenever I watch movies these days, I'm sort of trying my best to understand the Antagonist. Oh good grief what is going on with me.

Maybe because I'm turning into someone I hate? Isn't it funny how at one point in our lives, we all turn out to be just like the person we hated in high school or something? Like a phase. Oh dear. Do you think this is just a phase? I don't think mine is. This is gonna be a part of me.

Then again, I do not regret it a single bit.

Somehow I feel for the Antagonist in them movies. Deep down, I'm like "Don't worry, I feel you, most hated, misunderstood person!" And then a part of me wishes people would "get" them too. I mean, I used to be on the other side of that line along with everybody else but when I was in the Antagonist's shoes I figured it sucked to be misunderstood. You think you know how awful it is, judging them because you're little Miss goody two shoes or Mister Nice guy.

I regret pointing fingers. Wish I could take them all back, because it turns out, past Abbie is actually pointing at present Abbie at the moment. Wo. Intense.

I don't know, people. I don't know. My thoughts are taking over me. For real, today - I felt so much blood rushing to my head, I ended up feeling so heavy and then there's this massive feeling of pain, like my brain couldn't process all this anymore.



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  2. i hope i can be with you right now. i don't know what to say bie but i'm here to listen. you know my acct, just message me if you needed one.

    hope to see you soon!