Tablet Tablet Tablet



  1. Woooow! Now I want one! I've been wanting one since I saw them at the store! That' sooo cool! I can already see your new header made with this toy ;)

  2. AVES, I know, omgosh. Been wanting to own one for like years and years. Thank God for blessing me with this! Hee!

    JANM, my header wasn't done by me! Hehe! The illustration is by Valerie Chua and the collage art is done by Afianne Cope. Check out my CREDITS sidebar for their links. Hehehe! :) So I don't think I'm gonna replace my header anytime soon but thanks for the encouragement! I wish I was as talented as they are, and Ava, too!! Get your Tablet now! :)

  3. Your penmanship looks cute, Abbie!
    I want my own tablet too but Wacom is too expensive :((

    Jamie Kate