Daydream Diary

With so many firsts I could still have in this life, I want to have them with you...SO BAD.

I have dreamed of how we would have met in another life. Walking on an amusement park's Brick Road, dropping my pen, and bumping into you. Exactly like one of those overused, cheesy scenes in movies where we exchange looks at each other. A second that feels like minutes, and everything is in slow motion.

Or maybe you spot me in the crowd, and then it just hit us. That there's something there. And that this was meant to happen.

Ever since, I'd close my eyes and wish so hard, the hardest I've wished for anything in my life - that I as soon as I opened them, I was in an alternate universe. A different path.

It could start in a million possible ways... but in that life, things would have been different. Things would have been easier, less complicated, the way its supposed to be.

We would have to face problems, but nothing close to this. And it would be worth it.

Why do we always want things we can't have? Why do we want them the most?