My Boys Forever

Here's a second video I edited of my Boys, compiling some of their older videos - taken by the crew and their friends, and of course, my videos. Seriously, only God knows how much I love them and support them, and believe in them not just as dancers, but as people. They are so special to you have no idea.

I love my JDC from Abbie Almasco on Vimeo.

If only I could, I would give and do anything to make their dreams come true. Because they really deserve it. They're going places, I just know it.


Love, So Much Love

I was surprised TWICE on my birthday! First was by my officemates, who I consider my second family. And the second was by Nof, Mark and my Boys. I couldn't get over how much loved I felt that day. I was overwhelmed!

So I compiled these videos, all taken through Nof's iPhone.

I kept saying this was one of the best birthdays ever. The love I received that day, I felt so undeserving of being this blessed by God to be surrounded by people like this. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these videos. Words can never suffice to the love, bliss, and gratefulness I felt.

I love them all with my whole heart.


As Easy As 1, 2, 3?

(originally written on the 7th of June 2012)

"Am I a hopeless romantic or am I just running out of things to think about?", I asked myself. Because nothing else can affect us the way Love can, and I mean that in a good, and bad way. With that being said, then you probably know why I'm back here, writing about Love. Wagas ang pag-iisip, pananakit, at pag-iyak dahil sa pag-ibig.

I don't want to die having questions about love. These days I realized that I fully did not understand the meaning of it. Or maybe that's just me being bitter. 

See, I saw this on Pinterest about two days ago :

They say you love each person in your life differently. No matter how many relationships you end up being in, you will love them, but never the same way. I believe that.

I remember the way I felt about my first love, and its something I still ache to feel until this very day. Its a mind-blowing kind of love, something so pure that you're willing to do anything to keep it. I don't know if I talk this way because apparently, people always want something they can't have, but I don't know.

For some reason, I feel like the stupid, illogical girl who believes that relationships and feelings based on "Love at First Sight" lasts longest, and is the strongest kind of emotion that there is. I remember reading in Brida, how you just know that you've found/met your soulmate. That's how I felt, for three different guys in my life, all on different levels,  but nonetheless the same spark. The same longing.

I definitely agree with this text. But what if mad, passionate, extraordinary  love is something that is too perfect to exist? What if its only meant to run its course, just enough to make you the happiest person alive or enough to have something to go back to? "Don't cry cos its over, smile cos it happened"? And that's what makes a great love story. Fairy Tales do not exist. If they do, then they do...and then it ends.

Do you prefer a love that is maddening you with desire, a burning passion for the other? Or do you want something that is calm, peaceful...or is that settling? Am I confused? Or going through a phase?

Maybe Fairy Tales are meant to come true, but sooner or later you get back to reality. Is it still practical to live in a dream these days? Has love become a lesser priority? 

See, I thought I outgrew this whole thought on the kind of love that I wanted to have. But what if I feel like...its something I'm never gonna have, but I still ache for it?

I feel trapped. Am I asking for too much? To be swept off my feet, to make every kiss feel like the first and the last time, knee-weakening, heart racing, and all that? Maybe I don't deserve that? Maybe in this generation, it no longer exists? To make the little things matter, to want to wake up feeling like you want to cry because you're so happy and you feel like you're drowning in love?

What is happening to me?


A Kiss You May Be Missing

Kisses. Did you remember your first one? The intense pounding on your chest, how you can't wait for it to happen but at the same time there's this voice screaming in your head, saying you aren't ready, that brushing your teeth three times wasn't enough, let alone that you gargled with mouthwash afterwards and excessively popped what feels like the entire stock of breath mints on the candy alley at the local supermarket.

That feeling. No matter how imperfect that moment is, the second your lips land on his...or hers, the world stops and nothing else makes sense.

You've probably read a hundred descriptions on first kisses, but none of them really sum up the intense feeling of bliss, that I'm sure still leaves your cheeks all red whenever you think of it.

But believe me, there is another kind of kiss that you will never forget. A kind of kiss that you just HAVE to experience (the best experiences are almost always the unplanned ones).

Sure, all kisses have the same effect especially if its with someone who feel so strongly for. But among all these kisses, one will stand out. 

Its've never felt so alive, but at the same time, you feel like dying, because you're burning with so much passion for each other. All of a sudden you ask yourself if you've ever really kissed anyone before that. Knee weakening, intense, these words don't really sum it up. NOTHING CAN DEFINE IT. It makes you feel like kissing is all you ever want to do, forever.

A kiss that is filled with so much desire  (like you can't even imagine), but the innocent kind. And honestly, you don't even think about doing anything else. JUST KISSING. It feels as satisfying and as completing as taking everything to the next level.

If I had one day to go back to, it would be the day I felt that kiss. And I would do anything to just stay there and relive that moment, over and over, and over, and over, and over...


Call Your Girlfriend (Acappella Cover)

It was 3:00 A.M. and I couldn't sleep. Was it Skyrim? Adventure Time? Heineken? I don't know who to blame it on, but my mind was wide awake and my body was dead tired. Whenever BROWNOUT struck, my cousins and I would lay in our beds and sing our hearts out until we fell asleep. So, because this song was playing in my head the whole day, thanks to Lennon and Maisy Stella's cover of Robyn/Erato's "CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND", and because I could...well, never mind that. LOL.

I did one take on each vocal part so please excuse me for the booboos. I'm no pro, just thought I'd give this a try because I've always wanted to!