I'm Lost But I'm Savoring It

Currently listening to the Early Winter's "Count Me In", which I heard on The Lucky One. This song got to me for some reason, I remember feeling down after hearing it over and over. Like I'm in a dream... a really beautiful dream, but I know I'm going to wake up later. And you feel so helpless, wanting to do something about it. About staying in the dream. 

It triggers all this bliss hiding under all the crap in my head, causing me to feel all giddy, like a teenager - but then I know, but can't accept... that...

I don't know. Staying in this state will hurt me later. But its better than not ever knowing this feeling. I'm happy being here. I think...its all I ever wanted.

But how am I gonna live with this pain later? Is knowing what it feels like to be this happy enough to keep me...happy my entire life? Knowing that I have this one thing to hold on to, and be proud of?

If only I could give you an in-depth insight of my life and feelings...I would in a heartbeat.

Okay...all I know is I think of this and I smile. My heart smiles, my tummy is suddenly filled with butterflies and my mind convinces me that life is good. 

I'll stay.

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  1. Funny, I'm feeling exactly the same way today. Maybe in a different context, but still the same.