"Jump", She Said

"Jump." But her mind wandered days past that moment. Her, falling. People screaming. Traumatized by something they could not prevent, but was bound to happen.

What if she survived? That would be so hard to rise from. What if she ends up a vegetable? Loses her memory? That would be good, actually - if she did. What if she loses an arm, a leg...

But what if that was the end for her? People will move on, of course. They have no other choice. Will it be worth leaving everything behind?

What if she has nothing to live for? She knows what its like to feel bliss? She's been to Heaven and back. What if that's enough for one lifetime? But she's not willing to move further, not having it.

What if this is it. How does one person move from this. She sees nothing. There is nothing left. Everything was taken away. Everything was given. Everything was received. That's it. Nothing more.

She's in so deep, she doesn't even know if there is a way out. Is she supposed to leave this hole? She wanted to be in it in the first place.

She has nothing. She has no one. 

"Jump", she says. "Just jump. One way or the other, you have to go. There is nothing here for you."


86 Charlie

I'll admit, I have to thank Bella Ferraro for introducing Birdy to me. When I heard her do her rendition of Birdy's cover of Bon Iver's Skinny Love (ha), I was blown away. Although I love Birdy's added flavor, this particular song of hers is what made me say, "I'm sold".

Don't you love how sad, and beautiful and heartfelt this is? This song makes me so sad but I'm drawn to it! Probably because I'm masochistic like that.


Imaginary Foes

What if there are no such things as antagonists, just misunderstood people? What if the real culprit is the person we see on the mirror? What if the only thing that is stopping ourselves from being what we want, from having what we want, from doing what we want - is ourselves? And the fear that it might be the biggest mistake of our lives? What if the Antagonist is just someone we made up in our heads? Someone to put on the other side of the scale. Someone that can bring balance. What if they were never really there...they never really existed?

What if we're just a bunch of antagonists in this world, trying to find the good in another? What if we're all antagonists in blue suits and red capes, believing that we may be the hope of the world... and what if nobody sees it but us?