Come to Momma

Selective Amnesia. Try as I may, but I can never, I will never be able to forget. Sometimes defined as the "unwillingness to remember certain events", and boy, would I be so lucky to have this trait. Imagine forgetting the beautiful memories you'd achingly wish to relive, as you lie in bed, knowing there are far more better things to think about - like finally making that appointment to take your cats to the clinic for their quarterly check-up, or scolding yourself for forgetting to get your milk supply for the week. 

The world has far worse problems than mine, but what about people like me who desperately need amnesia in their lives? I'm stuck. It was like this tweet from Rooni that I read, which perfectly describes what I feel, and it says : 

" I want to be happy. In order to be happy, I must let go. If I let go, I will be sad, and hence, not happy. There's no way out."


My thoughts exactly. Usually I'm more optimistic and understanding about this - I mean, the real reason why I'm writing this. On most days I don't regret my decisions, but when it hurts too much... I just end up wishing things didn't change.

On most days, I wish you'd know what I'm talking about.