Maybe Its Blinding

When faced with the decision on whether to go with a person's good side and bad side? How do you know when to go for the former, and the latter? Has it ever occurred to you that looking at the bright side could be blinding? And that everyone does have a bad side, but knowing this reality does not change the fact that there are bad people - bad people who have made it their choice to be bad, not because its part of being human, as they say.

When is too much...too much? How do you know the limit of one person when it comes to character? Does it depend on the situation? 

When people tell you about someone you know very well, will you believe them? Will you allow their idea of this person cloud the one you have in your head (and heart)? Its confusing. How do you know if its worth holding on to if you feel that you're the only one who sees that person this way? Does it make you stupid? Or hopeful? Or both?