The Chronicles of Restlessness

And then confusion started to set in. "Where am I?", she asked. No one answered. Is this still part of the dream? Has she finally woken to reality? "What is reality anyway?", asked the small voice at the back of her head. She carried on.

Wait a minute. She wanted to be here. Wait, don't wake her up. Let her continue on this road she dared to go to. Did she fall into a hole of some sort? "A Rabbithole?" the voice asked. "Right, who am I then? Alice?",she chuckled, seemingly enjoying another one of those conversations she had with herself.

A sudden rush of emotions sets in her tummy. "The butterflies", she said, and a bit of a flashback plays in her head. He had taken her hand, she followed him with all her heart, with everything she had, and didn't have. Biting her lip, her heart raced faster and faster and faster, wanting nothing else but to be where this boy had promised her to be. She didn't mind, she had him, and that was all she needed.

"But where is he now?", the voice interrupts. "I don't know", she answered. "But I can feel him here...somewhere." Her throat's running dry, and her heart's pounding through her chest. "Where is he?", she said under her breath. 

There was a mix of fear and excitement filling her. Fear of not seeing him again, and the excitement of finally feeling his skin under her fingers.

"Some bittersweet feeling this is", the voice said. "And its all worth it", she replied.

"Let's hope so", the voice answered.