On most days it felt like he was her salvation on earth. Death, she thinks - is someone she does not mind meeting when he calls to her, whenever that is. She has lived a full life in her opinion. He has given her everything she ever wanted and wished for.

She couldn't grasp the reason behind this intense pull towards him. Sometimes she thinks he was just a filler, a temporary puzzle piece that would later on disappear like the others, but that's probably something she'd like to consider because the very vague vision of this road heading somewhere scares her. She is familiar of the unknown - its existence, and the monsters it brings, but has recently realized how much the future freaked her out. All she knows is this : She fears losing him.

This was all new to her, and that's ironic, considering how much experience she's had with love. But in contrary, she barely had lovers and would rarely find herself in love, but this...

Ecstatic. Every time she saw him under these dim lights it always feels like the first time. His touch is electric. His lips, warm. Longing. She was never kissed like that before. She has never felt as wanted as he makes her feel. It was the combination of lust, of love, of want, and need of wanting to be comforted, to feel loved, to feel anything, just anything...It was a connection so deep, that her soul would ignite and burst into flames at that given moment. Core shaking. Her insides are drowning in this beautiful mess, yet her physical body remains the  same. Unchanged. The strongest kind of emotion, inside her. 

But they are both far too broken, yet far too yearning. How can an emotion like this exist in the middle of chaos? How can fire burn in the middle of a storm?

So little understand the very reason why she feels that way. So little understand why this is happening. She does not either, but in a way - she does. She closes her eyes and absorbs it all. The sadness, the beauty, the bliss of every moment she has spent with him.

And then she exhales.