Lucy is Unlucky

Meet Lucy. She lives an ordinary life and has extra-ordinary friends. Her IQ is above average (or so she thinks), has mediocre creativity skills and is lethargic on most days.

Lucy likes to think of how blessed she is just to push away the negativity and focus on how fortunate she is in almost all aspects of her life. But she is unlucky. 

Lucy is with Paul. They have been together for more than a decade now but she classifies their relationship as "Rocky to Steady", nothing made out of New Years Eve, and is also similar to the color gray.

Lucy is in love with Jesse. She says that he makes her feel like Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon, and claims that his insides are made of rainbows and unicorns, and a little bit of evil.

But Jesse is in a complicated, on and off relationship with Mia, and is sort of in love with Lucy on some days. He likes to confuse her by playing a cruel adult game called "Hot and Cold" and purposely leaves Lucy out of it so she falls for his tactics and drops her like a hot potato when Lucy starts to win (which is awesome because she doesn't even know she's playing the game). Jesse knows he loves Lucy the way she loves him but Mia likes to pull him around in circles which confuses him and his ideals of love. 

Lucy always finds herself back at square 1 with Paul. He tells her its over and wouldn't mind if she stayed in his life or walks away. This hurts her, but is confused whether she is hurt at the thought of Paul saying he doesn't love her anymore, or at the thought of being alone and starting all over.

Lucy always finds herself wandering off with Jesse, and she is terrified finding out that she has invested so much of her emotions on him when she absolutely has no clue of what he intends to do with her in the long run. He tells her not to go elsewhere, and she then tells herself she has decided not to do so.

Lucy is confused and tired. Lucy feels like all of the clichéd, depressing words you can find in the dictionary.

Lucy is feeling empty.

Lucy is unlucky.

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