Where We're Supposed To Be

Watching something as simple as a YouTube clip can turn your day around. In my case, this happened yesterday. I was surfing the net, and a split second later, I was back on this road, questioning my existence.

I try not to talk about the things I'm facing too much,  but blogging has been such a huge part of me, writing it out has already been my therapy. Sadly, people, even my own flesh and blood is using it against me, to attack me, or whatever. It is this factor that made me want to keep things to myself, and to my journal. But I realized that this is my life. If it comes to a point that even my own family would judge me for what I choose to express, I guess I'm too old to worry for that. Also, this is about time I tell you that you're pathetic for allowing yourself to be blinded by whatever factor it is that makes you want to meddle in my life, and my business.

Anyway - I know this is a cycle. I know how to get out of it, but I don't want to. 

I see all these people, you know? Making the most out of their lives, doing what they want, they're in a whirlwind of emotions, everything at the same time, and its...awesome. 

I don't really blame the country I'm in. Countless of times I've said how much I love it here, so being here isn't really the case. But its having the simplest of things that I want, but don't have yet, that's what's driving me nuts.

How do I put this in words without giving too much away?