Inspiration : Olivia Palermo

Don’t get me wrong. Kate Moss is still glamorously sitting on the pedestal I’ve built for her in my head when I was 9. No one will take her place. Although, there is someone who has slowly been taking a place in my heart as well. Maybe because my taste in Fashion has decided to go along with my age (I’m 18, duh), I am now veering toward the “Classy” side of things. 

But classy doesn’t necessarily translate to “Uh, Boring?”. I am never lady-like. I eat with one leg up the chair (especially when I do not use silverware with my meal – how very Pinoy of me), I don’t religiously follow beauty regimens, I do not conceal my laughter, I laugh worse than a Hyena. I never really saw myself as someone who gracefully walks the streets like I’m the Duchess of Cambridge. And I like that about myself. I have embraced my flaws, I have accepted the person I am not. 

But maybe a little change is good. I don’t know. Its never a bad idea to have a little…class. But don’t get me wrong, I am never NOT going to raise my leg up during a scrumptious meal at home. Pretentious? Not really. But there are certain things you can manage to change when you are around people. It doesn’t really mean not becoming the person you are, but it does feel good when you know you are presenting yourself in a way, not for anyone. But for you. 

Olivia Palermo isn’t just a Fashion Inspiration to me. Its her charisma, you know? You admire her clothes, you stare at her gorgeous, gorgeous face for hours and hours on end, wished your hair was naturally camera ready like hers 24/7.

But you know there is more to her than all that. Putting her Fashion sense aside, one look at Olivia and you know why she's an "IT" girl, even believing that that label is an understatement for such a perfect human being.

This look is probably my peg for this year.
Look how effortless! I am in love.

Fashion-wise, I think pulling off looking trendy yet classy is so tricky. Because there are certain things you just can't compromise. But then again, you know its because these people just has it in them to pull it off.

I still dream of the day I can perfect looking all effortlessly classy. Sorry, but you know that there are some people who try too hard to look the part. Who knows maybe I'll be one of them. 

Goodness, I hope not.