With the number of years I've walked through Earth, I'd think that the whole point of this journey is to find love and be completed by it. 

It wasn't until lightning struck me that I realized that the other half we are actually in search of is the other half of ourselves.

Everything I believed in life, well, if not most of it - is a lie. A big fat, juicy lie. As soon as it dawned on me, I broke. I am irreparable. But then I am meant to be broken. I am meant to break into pieces, because it is the only way I can piece myself together.

Like a puzzle. 

I know God has a purpose for me going through this. I don't blame Him for anything. But mostly I just wish I knew when this will all...get better.

I've found the other half of me, I believe.
But I haven't found me. 
Not yet.