Just One

"This is so unfair", she said, her voice muffled between her sobbing and her hands covering her face. 
"So unfair", she added. 

No, this isn't the first time she's cried for him, but its the first time she's crying in front of him. 

"You always do this, you know? You trap me. I'm trapped and I feel like the clock is ticking. I can hear it ringing through my ears, I feel like I'm going deaf, you know? All I hear is 'Tic Toc, Tic Toc, hurry up, time's running out' and then I turn to you and you're not there! Apparently you like doing this to me."

He's sitting on the corner of her bed and he doesn't make a sound. She knows he's probably thinking of what to say. He's never really lied to her before, besides, she can tell when he's lying. He just doesn't like hurting her with the truth, that's all. But he knows that she's been really understanding of him and their 'situation', for lack of a better word for what's going on between them. He told her he loved her, and he knows she loves him, she's made that point apparent a lot of times. He just doesn't know if she really sees her worth to him. But its so hard. This is not what he expected. He doesn't regret it but...jeez, he's really torn.

"Well?", she finally said, cutting him off from his train of thought, or lack thereof. He's rambling. He's rambling in his head. The heck.

"What do you want me to say?", he finally answered.

And that was all she needed to hear. His voice, his voice filling the space between them. She thinks quickly. She doesn't really want to talk about anything anyway, she just wants to go back to the little nook they make while they go on about their lives. There was no "small talk" between them, whatever comes out of his mouth was magic to her, even if he says really stupid things. 

No, she wasn't spellbound, but on most days it did feel that way to her. She knew it from the first time they met. They've come so far but she's all clueless now.

"Well?", he finally said, cutting her off from her train of thought, or thoughts, so many thoughts. She rolled her eyes and sighed, then crossed to him, breaking the invisible barrier that was there earlier.

"You have a 'Skip to Next Chapter button' remember?", she whimpers.

He sighed. Then he beamed that smile that makes her knees all wobbly as he proceeded to hug her, and kiss her into oblivion.