Slow Dance With Me

Saw "Celeste and Jesse Forever" last night, and I had saltwater for Midnight Snack. Anyway, I'll write about that another time. This song made me want to grab anyone to just slow dance with me.

I don't know what it is about slow dancing with someone that really gets to me. Its just two people, dancing. But slow dancing is the next most intimate thing to kissing. Two people swaying to the same rhythm, same pace, and you're so close to each other, and things are like really tense but really calm, and you can smell the scent coming off of his neck...its pretty intense.

Most people (well, myself included, until this dawned on me), want to Sky Dive, Bungee Jump, Travel, etc. before they die. I, on the other hand, would just really want to experience cheesy, movie-like slow dancing with the love of my life. Preferably alone. And there will be sparkles in our eyes, then we're going to smile at each other and not utter a single word. We'll just listen to each other's breathing, and its going to go on for minutes and minutes on end until it feels like we've been swaying for hours. 

And if God decides to take me right there and then, then you know that I have lived a full life, and died happy.

And yes, I don't mind topping your list of "The Cheesiest Person That Ever Existed".

I live for cheesy. I live for corny.