Tales From The Friend Zone

Can you believe I haven't blogged about this yet? How sad. I was so psyched to be a part of this project by THE Ramon Bautista and THE RA Rivera.

Tales from the Friendzone is a YouTube series released every...oops, that's a sensitive topic (heehee), but it tackles about people and certain situations...of being in the "Friendlier" side of things, to put it lightly.

A lot of you would say "its funny" but it does make a lot of sense (duh). These things happen in real life and it sucks (see kids? This is why you should never love. People love and then die). The whole point is to either get people across the "Friend zone" or to help them accept being in the Friend zone (boo).

The experience shooting this was something else. It is quite one of my favorite moments in life because during breaks we would talk about life, especially during the drive to Baguio, where I bore my soul (hashtag : chos, but seriously I really did tell them about things I was going through), and it helped knowing I was with two geniuses who had different takes and opinions on my situation, which was awesome (also confusing, but awesome nonetheless).

Leaving Baguio, and leaving their company  was so hard for me. It was as if my life made so much sense in 2 days. I miss them already!

All photos courtesy of RA Rivera

If you have time, and you haven't seen all the TFTFZ Eps yet, get to it why don't ya?