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For my very first question on this new thing I'm trying called "Abbie Asks" where I throw random questions at you (mostly about Life and Love, cos you know I'm a cheese ball), because I like to interact with my blog readers more, and I know your insights can help me a lot. 

"If the love of your life tells you "All I can give you is now", would you go for it? Would you choose spending a part and not the rest of your life with him/her? Or would you pass... and settle?"

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  1. Uhm, excuse me Miss.. Are you asking me? WhatsApp please. Haha. Kidding aside.. Tough question you have there.. Well, I think you know me somehow.. The ME now talking would say.. Make the most out of it. If it's just for now and not forever or not even half the year, so be it! But be ready for the consequences thereafter. The so-called unnecessary pain.. The self-inflicted ones.. Be ready. You should know what you're getting into. Have a first aid kit nearby.. Sooner or later something will surely break inside you. Hahahahaha..