Battle Scars and Verbal Wars (Or Lack Thereof)

I have fought a war for everyone I loved. Usually I do it silently. Unfortunately not a lot of them know this, because they choose to be insensitive, and they choose not to see the signs. 

Sometimes I blame myself... I mean, how stupid can I be? I'm sitting on the corner, battling. In silence. How does that even work? 

You see, the Universe has these nasty conspiracies against me, so I fight it. You don't usually see it, because... its done in secret. I don't know. I've learned how to do it after I've gotten my heart broken for the first time. I made a fool out of myself, sounding all too desperate. I've made loud pleas but to no good. 

Battling for love in silence doesn't always work, well, for obvious reasons. But if you know your way around it, it will lead you to at least having peace with yourself later on.

Also, because I know that I have the best audience even when its done in silence. Because what matters is how God sees my heart.

Oh, Life.