I Miss Rain

I miss Rain. 
I miss falling asleep to the sound of its dripping lullabies.
I miss snuggling in bed, sinking on my pillow, wrapped in the comforting bliss of my Duvet.

I miss Rain.
I miss feeling the cold air it gives.
I miss the raw scent it delivers to the ground.

I miss Rain.

There's something about Rain that cleanses the human soul. Doesn't matter whether it gets you when you're outdoors, running to or from work, or school; or in the comfort of your own home. 

There's something about Rain that brings clarity ; promise. That there will be better days. Its almost as if, by the sound of its raindrops it says, "Enjoy me while I'm here, better days are coming ahead".

There's something about Rain that makes you feel loved. That very moment you find yourself in sync with everything it brings. You lie in bed, taking a deep breath, closing your eyes - and you are at peace. Like everything is right in the world, and that nothing  else matters but this very moment. Regardless if you are sharing it with a loved one, or by yourself. 

I remember back in College, before I moved to the Dorms - I would light up candles in my room, turn off the lights, and listen to Des'ree with the volume turned up, and I'm under my blanket, contemplating on life.

I remember when my Cousin, Chie and I would dance under the Rain in our house clothes, banging our hands on the gates of our home in Laguna, believing it would make the rain pour harder, and then feeling a sense of longing when the skies start to clear.

I remember back when I was 4 years old, sitting on my Mother's lap while she rides shotgun to my Grandfather driving to one of our Family reunions in Pasig late in the evening. It was raining, and that particular moment stayed in my head, and has been one of the earliest memories of my existence. I remember watching the windshield's wipers dancing back and forth, and I would pity its repeated unsuccessful attempts to clear our view of the Rain. 

I miss Rain.
I miss how it would make me feel like one day, I would feel someone breathe at the back of my neck, and make my shoulder his pillow, as he would continue to trail the tip of his nose to my back, where he finally retreats to slumber after wrapping me in him.

I dream of Rain.
I dream when this would finally happen.
And then maybe I could go, God could take me right there and then.

While it rained.