The Universe Is Tricky, Let's Watch It Pull Up Its Sleeves

You want magic? Wake up, it happens everyday. The Universe pulls tricks on us, can't you see? Can't you?

Let me share a conversation I shared with one of my friends recently :

Friend : "Let's say I've been stealing bread from this Man's pocket, and then I find out that another friend of mine ends up stealing from me. Do I have the right to be mad, knowing that this may be a result of some sort of Karmic Retribution?"

Me : "Yes you do."

Friend : "But I stole it anyway, and this person who stole from me knows that I've been stealing the bread. And he didn't go and tell on me, but he stole from me instead, you know? What right does that give me to be mad?"

Me : "Well I think it depends on your intent. You know, sometimes, we do bad things with the right intentions. Doesn't make it right though, but it makes a certain situation...understandable. If you were stealing bread to survive, I can't say I blame you at all. What if that's your only choice? I know that sounds silly because there is always a better choice. But sometimes the Universe could be cruel, and stealing bread is all you have left."

Friend : "So I have the right to be mad?"

Me : "You know, if your friend really understood you, and knew the reason why you were doing such a thing, he wouldn't have stolen from you in the first place."

Sometimes people do things that society has always branded as "bad". To be fair to Society, yes - it is bad. Murder is bad, Theft is bad, everything that can make a person curse his own existence as a result of these actions are bad. And not acceptable. But what is the intent?

Do you ever think that those + plus - equals negative/positive equations apply in real life too? You know what they say about Math.

There are things in my life I am not proud of, but do I regret it? No. How can I hold my head up high, you ask? Well, it is because I knew my intentions. I know myself well, and I know where I am, and where I stand. It is the key to survival, I believe. Know who you are. Know what you stand for. Know what you are willing to die for.

But you know what, not to be a hypocrite, I admit there are days (lots and lots of days) when I'd look at the world and wonder if it would ever understand me. I question the sky, the trees, the wind. I ask them if they ever find themselves marveling at me, this creature, as they stroke their beards and allow their eyebrows to meet, analyzing my moves, predicting the next. I wonder if they could read my mind and feel my heart. Sometimes I wonder if they'd be all like "Meh, we should cut this girl some slack, its apparent enough, this poor kid's got her brain on her heart".

I wonder.

I heard this saying that goes like "If you love your decisions, you wouldn't need anyone else to approve of them". True that. 

I am not in the best situation, but I don't really feel the need to ask for people's opinions. Which is also why I thought it was best to keep things to myself and at least 1 friend. It is why I find comfort in writing Shorts, both Fiction and Non-Fiction, and leave my blog readers to wonder which is which on every post. It is why I can open up about the matters of the mind and/or heart without worrying if there is anything for you to judge. It is why I don't care of the negativity "coming out of" my posts. "I am responsible for what I say, what you think of what I say is another thing."

Intentions. Knowing them can quite liberating, if you ask me; Knowing yourself is liberating as well.

Knowing yourself is the most important part.
And the rest can just jerk themselves off.