To Live Like B

I remember seeing her when I was in Kindergarten, my Mother pointed her out to me "Nee, look! Its the pretty girl from the Ivory Commercial!" and I remember seeing her opposite the escalator I was on. I couldn't forget her beautiful face, even from afar.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, while shopping at Mango, there she was again, on the counter, paying for what seemed like a hill of clothes, her hair down, no make-up on, I forgot I was a girl and straightened myself up, wiped the drool off my face.

Bianca Araneta (now Elizalde). After all these years, and 3 kids, she still possesses the same grace and elegance she has from the first time I saw her.

Fortunately, she doesn't only have a pretty face, and a fat bank account. Usually you'd think women like this are bimbos, or that their brains are probably misplaced, like, on their ankles maybe, I don't know. But not Bianca.

She is an animal lover. She loves her family, the beach, she loves food, and she loves life. None of that superficial stuff. Or maybe she does, but she doesn't really feel the need to boast about it because clearly there is more to life, and that's what she wants the world to know through her Instagram posts.

"Its been over a week since my last post on Instagram. I guess you could say I've been living life. This self-imposed break came from the curiosity to see if I can actually do it, to move away from what I enjoy and what I'm used to, because changing the daily grind is not always easy can throw someone off-kilter. But I like to challenge my willpower and breath outside my comfort zone once in awhile. Like my wanting to abstain from eating mammal meat for a week turned into a commitment lasting more than 18 years. My desire to live clean- drug and cigarette free-has become a lifestyle. Never in my life have I EVER touched the stuff despite what other thought my high school and college years would do to me. Now lingering somewhere in my mid-thirties, I loved that I've proved them wrong. Oh and I quit drinking alcohol almost 10 years ago. Just like that. Cold turkey. Why am I telling you all this? Because it doesn't hurt to challenge yourself and make big changes in your life every now and then even if it makes you uncomfortable to do so.  After all, nothing will change, if you don't change."

She wrote that as the caption of one of her Instagram posts, in which, I am sharing a few, because from looking at them, you'll see something else that emanates around her, its not just her beauty, but the positive aura, the easy, bright and timeless vibe she possesses. 

(photos grabbed from her Instagram account)
How can you not love this Woman? She is such an inspiration!

Bianca is one of the few Women you can really look up to, who has lived clean and still, you can look at her and say "She definitely YOLO-D".

I said this before, you know? There's nothing wrong with partying, staying up late, thinking that the world will end tomorrow. But letting these things define your life shouldn't really be an option. I'm not saying that you should only show people the "prim and proper" side of yourself, but we owe so much to the future generation. So much good that the past ones taught us was forgotten.